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Mary telling stories at the local library.Mary Hays is teaching and performing all over the province of Alberta, and across Canada. She taught storytelling at SAIT Polytechnique, Library Information Technology Program for 20 years. She trained 300 storytellers through that program! She wants to bring the wealth of her experience to you and your group! Call Mary at 403-556-2818 to talk about creating a storytelling training program for your group or work place. Private coaching can be individualize to meet your needs.

Mary is currently performing with Alberta storytellers Karen Gummo, Betty Hersberger, and poet, Marie Bryce. Their travelling performance, "Wise and Wilful Women", transports you to 1935. This story gives voice to Lady Isabella Lougheed, Mary Scott Widner, and Nellie McClung, three historical characters dedicated to social justice.

See the schedule below for dates, or Contact Mary for your own performance.


November 11 - 16, 2018

Doreen Vanderstoop and Mary Hays.Wainwright and District Storytelling Tour with Mary Hays and Doreen Vanderstoop
Mary Hays' mom and dad both served overseas in the army medical corps during WWII. She grew up hearing their stories. Mary has also collected war stories from her home town and from other veterans of WWII.

Doreen Vanderstoop's parents grew up in The Netherlands during WWII. She tells their stories. Doreen also performs music that was popular during wartime. It is an honour for them to tell some of their family stories.
Complete Details Here

Wednesday, October 31 - 7 pm Shelf Life Books

Headstones tell us the story of who we are, what was important and how we connect to the story of those who have passed on. Join host Michael Newsom, THE UNDERTAKER for TALES from the Crypt as he invites storytellers Mary Hays and Jesse Peachment to share stories of the dearly departed - historical, reverent and irreverent. Musician, Doreen Vanderstoop will bring a tear to your eye with vocal solos from days gone by. Complete Details Here

Look for Mary in the new year with Betty Hersberger at Swan Village Senior's Residence on January 14.

Teaching Storytelling for the Adult Learner Centre at Mount Royal University - March 20

Olds Cemetery Tour for the Town of Olds and Mountain View Museum in the Fall

You can also find Mary Hays at these events with TALES (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling):

  • Tellarounds. Tellarounds are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7 - 9 pm at Loft 112, 535 - 8 Ave SE Calgary. Suggested donation: $5.00. Everyone welcome.

  • Storytelling Cafes. Held at 7 pm at Shelf Life Books, #100, 1302 - 4 Street SW, Calgary. Suggested donation: $10.00. Everyone welcome.
    • At the April 25th Storytelling Cafe, the theme is "Song of the Sea", with hosts Leona Sudom and Mindy Woolcott. Mary will tell the story of Asspipattle and Mester Stoorworm, the great sea serpent.
Mary tells Stories of the Blackfoot.
Mary studied the Blackfoot stories for many years with her mentor, Louis Soop - Black Plume. She tells the story of creation and the story of the Sundance which provide the foundation for Naapi, the Trickster and his stories that teach lessons for all of creation.

Louis passed away in March of 2018. He made his journey to the "sky country" with friends and loved ones near, and the fragrance of sage in the air.

Mary is involved in a travelling performance called Wise and Wilful Women.
Mary is currently performing with other Alberta storytellers in a travelling performance, "Wise and Wilful Women". This story gives voice to Lady Isabella Lougheed, Mary Scott Widner, and Nellie McClung, three historical characters dedicated to social justice.


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Mary speaking at the Didsbury Canada 150 Storytellers event in June 2017.
At "Stories that Transform a Nation", a Didsbury Canada 150 event. Photo by Carolyn Harley
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